Social responsability

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy comprises four key elements: Community, Workplace, Environment and our Ethical approach to business.

Ethical approach to business
Our objectivity, independence and client confidentiality form the key values of our Business.

Global P&G maintains the highest level of professional integrity with all people and businesses with whom we interact.

We have a duty and responsibility to give something back to our community, that is why we believe in getting involved with the community where our clients live and work.

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Children of Latinamerica Peruvian Association Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce
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Children of Latinamerica Peruvian Association Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce
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Work place
As an accountancy firm we have always been interested in supporting the education of bookkeepers and accountants. We achieved this goal in partnership with schools, educational institutions and by talking to students about training and career opportunities.

By monitoring and controlling our impact on the environment through our reduction in our carbon footprint, energy usage and office waste, Global P&G is committed to becoming a more environmentally responsible both as individuals and as a business.

With this ethos in mind, “we can all make a difference.”


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